Once in a while, I speak with Syrians who have access like no one else I know.

Few days ago, a powerful Syrian businessman I know well I will identify only as “Deep Eyes” sent me a message through a messenger who knocked on my door and whispered in my ear the following message:

“Asma has moved the funds Assad has trusted the Akhras family with to offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands using two different fake South American passports”.

Then, he disappeared as fast.

I have no clue what he was talking about, but knowing that “Deep Eyes” has that capacity to know more than your average guy, I presumed that if this message is true, it means the Akhras family knows something the Assad family does not, which may be so important that it prompted Asma to betray her man in Damascus.

Whether in cooperation with western intelligence or not, again I have no clue. I’m the last person to have such access or knowledge.

Would it not be magical to hear Assad ask “Asma honey, where is the money?”

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