Between 1980-2000, Syria registered 10 patents in the United States while Israel registered 7652

In our capacity as avid learners and observers of Syrian and general Middle East politics, we have been fortunate enough, as Syrian-Americans, to recognize that the clash of civilizations unfolding before our eyes can be bridged by finding commonalities in the peaceful goals of mankind. What makes one society agree or disagree with the conduct and policies of another society rests solely on our perception of how humans interact or should interact for or against each others’ interests. That’s when and where Arabism gets it wrong.

This website, which includes articles, interviews, Op-Eds, and mentions in the media is mostly about Arabism and the politics of the region; specifically Syria, our beloved country of origin. The Terror Free Syria (TFS) website intends to promote peace, democracy (when Arabism is ready), freedom, and human rights in a region in dire need of healing and harmony.

While we believe that extreme violence can only be met with violence, an anomaly within the context of the ultimate goal of democracy for Syria, we also believe that perception of “stability” for short-term peace purposes feed falsely into our sense of security. States that support terror organically are also the ones we rely upon for “stability”. That is not a diplomatic formula that would secure a brighter future for the Middle East.

President Obama’s detente with Iran, a state that sponsors extreme terror, is but the perfect example of how we have come to rely on Iran for “stability” when Iran’s foreign policy is anchored in destabilizing other countries.

Abusing Democracy to Become Dictatorial

Today, Democracy, when proposed, may usher extremists and oppressive rulers. Democracy is facilitating their rise to power (Morsi of Egypt or Hamas in Gaza). There are no easy answers to the problems our region, with the highest concentration of dictators in the world, is experiencing today. How do we bring about change to co-exist peacefully like Europeans have done after centuries of wars?

We believe the region will have to go through a cataclysmic event the proportions of which will create two new results: The rise of Muslim Protestants or Reformists if you are a history buff and the fall of one-family-rule to be replaced by truly accountable politicians. Arabism and Islamism must find a way to spark their own Renaissance; one that is based on books and enlightenment and not on oil wealth feeding into the art of cronyism. In corruption, terrorism, and economic deprivation, the region has the main ingredients for such a spark; and it could happen soon.

This is the only way forward to change the Middle East; and help us usher a new era of cooperation for our own good. The longer we stay ignorant the more weeds and thorns we will produce. Meanwhile, the west is blooming with innovation and advancement of humankind.

TFS is a Website of Critics

This website is edgy because it criticizes a wrong no matter where it finds one and who commits it.

No one is beyond reproach. This makes us the ideal idealists. The Middle East has reached its limit as a dark cave of so many Ali Babas and their Forty Thieves.

Of course, when the occasion rises, we will be as generous with our kudos and applause.

While the ideas in this website are our own, they are not necessarily the answer. Far from it. we profess no deep knowledge of Islam or history of civilizations to be a voice of authority. What we are relying upon are observations, reason, and knowledge of Arabism and its mind. In addition to our cultural spirit as Muslims to draw the conclusion and the concepts to save us all from extinction.

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