Arab Strongman is Back. More Lethal. Beyond Scope of Removal

Arab Strongman is Back. More Lethal. Beyond Scope of Removal

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For those who follow the Middle East closely, it is obvious to all that the Arab strongman is back. His comeback is going to be more lethal and more vicious than at any time in its history. Already, many are wishing for Hosni Mubarak’s rule as compared to the new Arab strongman.

And for whatever reason, regime change becomes a necessity, he will, thanks to the Assad regime, apply the formula Assad used to survive. Whip up Islamism and religious terror to submit the West to his will. Then help waves of your Muslim people take refuge in Europe. That should do the trick.

Or, with his deep pockets, he can purchase American support through lobbyists and trade.

Good luck removing the new Arab strongman now rising.

Even if we want to, militarily speaking, voters across the western hemisphere are dictating a non interventionist approach to international problems. We dare anyone to speak of boots on the ground against the Iranian threat in the region. You will lose the next election faster than a hummingbird flaps its wings. The West has lost appetite for military adventurism the world today knows it only serves very narrow interests at a high cost to human lives and treasure.

The Ceiling Is Gone

Consider these facts:

  1. Assad got away with Genocide in Syria. It included using sarin gas against civilians. Because he goes unpunished by a helpless United Nations and the support of a superpower on the rise, he has broken through the ceiling of barbarism. Death from chemical weapons hovers over our living rooms now.
  2. Assad now openly admits he is killing Syrians in his prisons. The majority are non-Islamists who simply manifested their desire for freedom. One act, he rendered the U.N. helpless, and by another he clipped the wings of morality organizations like Amnesty and Human Rights Watch manifest. When Kate Allen of Amnesty says: “Assad’s slaughterhouse defies description, but it’s horrifyingly real”, hardly anyone expresses remorse or outrage.
  3. Mohammad bin Salman got away killing a journalist with U.S. protective ties in his own Consulate on foreign soil. Saudi Intelligence did not even bother to initiate any counter-surveillance operations to hide its crime. This deed of terror opens the doors wide-open for others to duplicate with very little to lose from any backlash.
  4. Mohammad bin Salman is already emulating Assad in Yemen by bombing civilians with jets manufactured to attack heavy military equipment. OK, some outrage. But mostly, the world is silent. The ceiling is gone. Today, anything goes. The Arab strongman is back and he is more lethal, and more vicious than anytime in its history.
  5. In today’s environment, Saddam Hussein would have gotten away with annexing Kuwait. Just like Putin got away with annexing the Crimea thanks to Obama’s timidity and Trump’s collusion. That is a fact

America’s Mistakes Will Come Back to Haunt Her

Both the Obama and the Trump Administrations, our national security and intelligence institutions, in addition to our western allies, have become either facilitators to this new breed of Arab strongman, or timid enough to kick the can. They are all ignoring what may or could happen as a result of this form of extreme oppression to a largely youthful population. When the oil runs out.

In the meantime, politicians who tread lightly in the hope that hundreds of millions, in another 30 years, will simply accept another 30 years of the same, are leaving behind exacerbating global problems. These problems will haunt us one way or another. It may haunt our humanity or our interests. All the same. Because the Arab strongman is back with help from a western world whose democratic systems of governance are becoming dead weight when it comes to preventing chaos on our world order.

Arab Strongman is Back. More Lethal. Beyond Scope of Removal


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