Arab Americans for Romney

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If you are an Arab American and you vote for Obama, you would be voting for despotism, violence, and backwardness in your native lands. All you have to do is look at the mess left behind in Syria where Obama has refused to help the Syrian people by stopping the maniac in Damascus killing our women and children the way he has refused to help the Iranian people during their uprising in June of 2009. Had he stepped-up in June of 2009 against the extremists in Iran, Syrians would not be facing the rifle scopes of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards today.

We must ask ourselves what could happen to our native lands if Obama gets re-elected. We have to think about the 4-years of no-accountability America would be facing with a radical agenda we only saw its tip during the last 4 years. We also have to think about the Islamic radicalization of the Middle East Obama feels little concern for either because of his naive vision or because of his neglect to understand the dynamics that drive the engine of freedom.

Arab Americans have no choice but to vote for Romney because not only do we care about America but we also care about eradicating the tyranny we escaped from. It does not seem to bother Obama when our families are being murdered systematically and savagely, when minorities are being forced to emigrate, or when our people continue to be tyrannized.

Another four years of Obama will extend the life of Assad and the Mullahs of Iran by another four years. That is the only central issue facing us and which we must wisely consider come November 6.


  • Obama by his hesitation to be firm and strict with Iran an Syrian regime put the American interests behind his back , If Iran owns nuclear weapons , it will threaten all the middle-east countries and specially Gulf countries, which will affect the growth in the USA , and more economic catastrophes will appear.
    US troop withdrawing from Iraq was big mistake, it gave Iraq to Iran over a golden plate. We pay taxes to make our country the best , everyone works very hard to make this country stronger and safer , our troop has very important job and it is competent to do it .
    Obama’s hesitation to help Syrian people radicalized the conflict in Syria and support Assad regime to survive longer than what it supposed to be .
    Obama said : Assad should oust out but he is stilll killing the innocent Syrian people whereas Obama about to leave the white house.
    Obam neglected the reputation of the USA and we need a strong determined leader to regain this lost

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