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The importance of the FSA statement calling for a military intervention in Syria by the west and separating itself from the Syrian National Council seems to have slipped off the radar intentionally by western media.

Neither AP nor Reuters wrote about the matter, especially considering that this is the first time the FSA calls for a military intervention in Syria, thus agreeing with the Syrian street.

Everyone understands how important the FSA is to a free Syria. When the media “forgets” to carry-on its duty of reporting the news, it is a sign that the news does not fit its readers or the policy. If the west is not willing to assist the Syrian people what better way to send that signal than by ignoring any element in support of that mission.

But those entrusted with finding a solution to the genocidal maniac Assad need to understand the consequences of their actions: The FSA will cease to exist if not supported fully. My question to the State Department and to Mr. Frederic Hof is as follows: How many opportunities the US has had in the last 42 years to depose an old Soviet invention (Still to this day) whose purpose is to wreak havoc and destabilize through terror? None. This is the first and you may be wasting it.

Now that the opportunity is at hand, everyone seems to be in shock how easy it would be to depose Assad with the help of the FSA, so much so that it is fogging their minds. Would it be possible that the FSA is not getting a lending hand because Huma Abedin has decided they are not Islamists enough for her taste?

The FSA Army is not an ideology and the organization is certainly not a new form of dictatorship. They are today’s heroes and like every hero who shoulders an immense responsibility, theirs is to save the Syrian people from sheer terror.

I urge all those who monitor the Syrian situation to write about this subject. Any opposition to a concept that successfully freed the Libyan people from another terrorist simply provides the lunatic Assad with more time to kill and more Syrians to suffer. 



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