An Opportunity for Israel to Finish Hezbollah Off

An Opportunity for Israel to Finish Hezbollah Off

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As war rages in Syria and Hezbollah immeasurably suffers a high number of its fighters returning in yellow coffins, an opportunity for Israel to finish Hezbollah off is presenting itself on a silver platter.

That opportunity was granted by none other than Hezbollah itself when it sets off a bomb targeting Israeli forces at the Lebanese border on Monday in an apparent response to the killing in Syria last month of a prominent commander.

The Hezbollah act of terror triggered a strong Israeli military response and an opportunity for Israel to finish Hezbollah off as the terror organizations suffers from lack of popularity for its Syrian interference and as its soldiers are fatigued from the Syrian war.

Israel did strike the Iran-backed Shi’ite enemy Hezbollah in Syria several times, killing a number of fighters and destroying weapons it believes were destined for the group, whose support for the psychopath Baschar al-Assad has been crucial in the country’s civil war.

Israel’s army said Monday’s blast, targeting military vehicles in the Shebaa farms area, prompted Israeli forces to respond with artillery fire. It made no mention of casualties.

With Russia busy killing Assad’s opposition in Syria, picking a fight against Hezbollah in Lebanon backed by the might of Israeli Air Force is both timely and a necessity. Israel may never find such an opportunity to finish the terror of Hezbollah once and for all by striking it incessantly for months to come.

Hezbollah is tired and broken from its Syrian campaign. Now is the opportunity for Israel to finish Hezbollah off.

Iranian response to an Israeli air incursion would be limited. Iran is stretched thin having ventured too fast outside its borders with two military campaigns at once in Syria and Yemen. Opening another front to help Hezbollah might be next to impossible for the terrorist regime in Tehran (Only Israeli military minds can answer that question).

An Assad regime without Hezbollah to support is as useless to Iran as an extra toe on a boxer. This opportunity for Israel to finish Hezbollah off may also yield a safer Syria in the long run for the whole region.

Reuters contributed to this article.

An Opportunity for Israel to Finish Hezbollah Off


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