An Alliance of Opposites Made in Hell

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The deception unraveled by the Gaza flotilla is part of a larger, much more sinister conspiracy.

There is a new alliance between neo-socialists, in Europe and the US, and Islamists in the Middle East. One that aims to dismantle Capitalism for a new, state-controlled order where commonalities between neighboring countries, be it language, religion, or heritage, forces a union under one nation.

To the neo-socialists, Europe is one nation. The EU dolling out $1trillion to save Greece affirms the pyramid-like Socialist agenda, which also aims at controlling money supply to control capacity and production.  You control production, you control hyperinflation for the trillions to be printed for a new cradle-to-grave generation Socialism intends to breed. With the US burdened by $13 trillion in debt and counting, which currency, do you think, will be the reserve currency of choice when persistent hyperinflation destroys Capitalism?

What makes this alliance of opposites between neo-socialists and Islamists succeed? How could the whole Middle East become one nation, controlled by Iran, if Israel exists in its midst? To the neo-socialists Israel is an opportunity, not a country.

Think of Capitalism as a runner that keeps crossing the line first and neo-socialism, way behind, is the enemy whose goal is to suffocate the runner by holding his breath and take his place dancing laps around the field but never crossing the finish line. In the Global Warming debate, the runner’s breath is the emission control forced upon the US. In the alliance from hell, the runner’s breath is Islamic terrorism against Israel aimed at suffocating the country. Israel’s success against Hamas in Gaza must be broken in order to smother her, they argued. Ergo the Gaza flotilla.

Many saw Medvedev of Russia visiting Assad of Syria as a memorial to cold war era. But Medvedev also met with Khaled Meshaal. Why would Russia, fighting Islamic extremism in Chechnya, pay homage to Islamic extremism in the Middle East? Get the picture!! I believe for the concept of one nation, without Israel, controlled by Iran. I also believe Medvedev was in Syria just to make sure weakling Assad does not flip.

Conspiracies in the Middle East are self-sufficient eco-systems. But this one may be for real. How to fight back when the US is not on-board totally with Israel? American Jews must first be convinced of this conspiracy. Not conceived by some extremist nut or manufactured for convenience, but one that is not obfuscated by the facts before their eyes. All you have to do is analyze the media’s biased coverage, especially in Europe, the Middle East, and Russia.

If Israel loses this battle, all Arabs lose any hope for the future. 350 million people oppressed by 20 families, the majority of which were fathered by illiterate dads. How easy it will be to unite the Middle East under Iran while their Princes and Sheikhs dance away in European discos!!

Don’t ever ask me why I, as an American-Muslim, support Israel. If you still don’t get it, you never will.

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  • Reagan Norcott 14 years ago

    First time at your blog and I really enjoyed reading it. I will come back to check out some of the other articles.

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