American Muslims Have Much To Prove

American Muslims Have Much To Prove

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Let’s face it, American Muslims have much to prove. All the confusion emanating from differentiating between a Muslim terrorist and a Syrian refugee stems from one unspoken attitude: Americans have had enough of Muslims perpetrating terror they have been watching over and over since the rise of ISIS in Syria.

Who would blame any Christian or Jew for this position? Why is it so hard for us American Muslims to understand the psyche of the American public in a country that welcomed us with open arms? Today, Muslim terrorists, in the name of Islam, are threatening every American at home. The French attacks executed by ISIS in France could well have been executed at the Kennedy Center or the Wolf Trap instead of the Bataclan theater.

American Muslims have much to prove to earn the respect and the welcome mat. That does not mean that Syrian refugees should be blocked from coming to this country, but it means that it is our responsibility to integrate into the Western societies, we selected out of free will, where to build our lives. If Islam is more important than the U.S. Constitution, then American Muslims should consider returning to Islamakdu. They do not belong here.

The hate, the disrespect, the fear, the loathing, and even the pacifist sadness many Americans express towards Islamic violence that any American Muslim is witnessing today in the news, on Facebook pages, or in Twitter comments is a by-product of Islamic terror perpetrated by Muslims against anyone who disagrees with their Sharia or culture. The Western reaction against Islam has justifiable roots of cause and effect.

The fact France has been supportive of the Syrian cause against the Assad regime, yet ISIS attacked France is reason for us to doubt who was pulling the levers in these attacks. Nonetheless, why would Sunni Muslims, whether by proxy or otherwise, terrorize the very same people that have helped Sunni Muslims in Syria? France has given its own sweat and treasure to help the Syrian people. Why? Because Islamic twisted interpretations leave no doubt who is the enemy. It has been and will always be the West. Any wonder why Muslims live backwardly, in backward societies, controlled by backward religious ideas.

Because of that reality, it is incumbent upon American Muslims to set their priorities straight. If an American Muslim believes Islam comes before the U.S. Constitution, then he/she should ship themselves back to Islamakdu. The Syrian refugees are suffering today because we American Muslims have not demonstrated where our priorities are.

America is a Christian country embracing the Judeo-Christian values, way of life, and traditions. Either we accept this reality, or we ship out. We have our head so deep in the sand we cannot even realize how much safer it is to practice Islam in America than anywhere else in the world. There is a Mosque, a school, or a hospital being bombed everyday in Muslim countries; so if you, as an American Muslim, refuses to abide by the U.S. Constitution first that keeps you and your family safe while giving you the total freedom to practice your faith in safe environments, then you do not deserve to be an American.

Embrace the Judeo-Christian traditions of America, or ship out. Embrace the U.S. Constitution before Islam, or ship out. We came here freely. No one forced us.

American Muslims Have Much To Prove


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