American Foreign Policy Confusing Directives

American Foreign Policy Confusing Directives

Big Trouble for Israel Ahead
Normalizing Iran
Trump is Pillow Fighting Iran With Sanctions-Only Policy

When Barack Obama became the President of the United States, he embarked on easing the tensions with Iran. So much so that he unleashed an unprecedented Iranian terror that swallowed four Arab capitals during his two-terms. It empowered Iran to arm, equip, train, and discharge its venom from Tehran to Beirut. Today, Donald Trump is tightening so much the screws on Iran, any onlooker might just wonder about the American foreign policy confusing directives. From so much relaxation of relations to so much squeezing in less than 10 years.

Mind you, no one is complaining about President Trump bear hugging Iran to the death of its economy and hopefully its brutality. If anything, many in the Arab world, especially Syrian civilians who suffered at the hands of the IRGC and Hezbollah, are asking what else might be done to squeeze this bastardy regime even more. Parallel to all the sanctions, nothing comes close to duplicating the terror Iran delivered against our U.S. troops in Iraq, and against Syria’s helpless. Which is worse, holding-up your purse, or blowing you up to pieces?


Where do you think this squeeze might lead? We believe to an organic and orgasmic regime change. The Iranian people have had it with the corruption and malfeasance of these turban-wearing terrorists claiming to be the conduit to God. They have pilfered the country to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. It is time to bankrupt everyone of the Ayatollahs concocting terror against the innocent and the peaceful.

The question remains: Do the Iranian people have the courage to stand-up to those miscreants firing their guns in their faces? The way the Syrian people did to try and save their country from the Assad terror. Or will they simply take it up the kazoo because of fear and cowardice to remain slaves for another one thousand years?


In addition to these paralyzing sanctions, Trump must find a way to confiscate the private wealth of Iran’s rulers. Nothing would persuade them to come to the negotiating table like a zero balance account in their banks. If the CIA can hire spies from all walks of life, it can certainly hire spies across the global banking system with one aim only: Trace who owns what among the top 500 Ayatollahs. Instead of the American foreign policy confusing directives, now we get the clearest policies in decades.

Start by targeting every Iranian businessman with large suspicious bank accounts in any of the top global banks. If he cannot show the real source of these funds back to their roots, the US would freeze the money on the spot. Then go down the list of countries who sell their citizenship to wealthy individuals, and repeat the process. Malta, Panama, etc… Move away from the American foreign policy confusing directives that lead to a nowhere bridge.

Let Iran’s rulers convert their Dollars and Euros to worthless Rials.


The United States is guaranteed, after it freezes 10 Iranian large private accounts, the Ayatollahs would scurry like rats to the negotiating table. The negotiations should include three simple items. Call it the Iran Versailles Treaty:

  1. No weapons of mass destruction to include missiles.
  2. No invasion or threatening of other countries.
  3. And no Iranian embassies or Ambassadors anywhere around the world.

Total disarmament, followed by a military straight jacket, to be followed by total isolation, all monitored by US inspectors. Make of Iran the lesson of Japan post-WWII multiplied by ten. If any leader of a rogue country breaks these rules, then we go after his private money too.

That’s the directive. Let the lawyers hammer out the details to abide by international rules.

If we can hijack Noriega because of drug smuggling, we surely can threaten the private wealth of dangerous terrorists. This might yet be the clearest foreign policy directive ever.

American Foreign Policy Confusing Directives


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