Chief of Staff General Marshall reads a letter Abraham Lincoln wrote to a mother who lost her five boys in the civil war.

America is Reaping What it Sowed in Syria

The US Warned Turkey of Consequences Over Syrian Assault
Trump Imposed Sanctions on Turkey
Kurdish Ambitions Torn Between Israel and Turkey

There is almost a certainty that planners, behind the scene within the US Government, have concluded, at one point, that the defeat of the Syrian people at the bloody hands of Assad might present an exceptional opportunity to create an autonomous region for the Kurds. Because to this day, no one understands why the US refused, for almost nine years, to protect the Syrian people from the most violent regime since the Nazis of Germany. Today, America is reaping what it sowed in Syria, which was absolute non-action and a plan for a no-fly-zone collecting dust in a Pentagon drawer.


If President Clinton saw it fit to save the Bosnians from the Serbs by carrying out a bombing campaign that lasted 78 days, and by implementing a no-fly-zone to protect the civilians, why the Syrian people did not deserve the same courtesy. Why did the US abandon Syria’s most vulnerable to the Assad gas bombs and chemical weapons? Plenty of consoling words we hear and read, but no meaningful action.

This has led to today’s Turkish incursion to dislodge the Kurds who originally cleansed northeast Syria of all the Arabs. In addition to finding a home to 2 million Syrian refugees Assad cannot touch. Oh, and did we say that the Turks will install a Muslim Brotherhood rule over those two million Syrian refugees? America is reaping what it sowed in Syria with regard to apathy towards Syria’s women and children. No-fly-zone for Syria’s civilians yesterday led us to today’s tragic events.


Our planners know very well the bad history of Turkey and the Kurds. Just as they did not suspect Iranian terror against our troops in Iraq, they did not foresee the Turkish incursion. Even when the writing on the wall was quite clear and legible.

Grant you, all was going as well as can be until President Trump decided to pull the troops out. That pretense of calm would not have lasted too long whether the US pulled out or not. Turkey had every intention to dislodge the Kurds threatening its eastern provinces where the Turkish Kurds are restless. Even demanding autonomy, which one day would have metastasized into fragments of a new Kurdistan state. One forming contiguously on lands populated by the Kurds in Syria. Iraq, and Iran.


At one point, during the previous administration, President Obama most trusted Middle East advisor on matters that required foresight was a 30-something lad with zero foresight. He resisted the no-fly-zone to protect Syrian civilians from the Assad terror thinking it was a trap to pull Obama into another Middle East war. Even though a no-fly-zone is a riskless endeavor, yet the most potent weapon in our arsenal. During the 78-day Operation Deliberate Force against the Serbs, we lost one U.S. serviceman, but we saved tens of thousands of Europeans from the Serbs savagery of killing and raping women.

For Syria, we just stood by and watched. Guess Syrian women deserve Assad to rape them and kill them.

America needs to stop listening to people who claim to be experts on the Middle East. Our nation must do the right thing by other people and not get overly concerned with semantics.

Do you remember that scene in the movie Saving Private Ryan where Chief of Staff General C. Marshall reads a letter Abraham Lincoln wrote to a mother who lost her five boys in the civil war? Just before making the decision to save the fourth Ryan from death.

That’s the America the world knows and loves. Gutsy, righteous, and by golly full of courage. Instead of giant men in the White House, America elected two wimpy Presidents successively. Two men who were neither gutsy, nor righteous towards the oppressed and the poor.

Instead of the greatest generation, we live in times of the cowardly generation.

America is Reaping What it Sowed in Syria


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