After Assad, It’s Hezbollah’s Turn

Operation Kiss Assad
Baby recovered from rubble as Syrian tyrant Bashar Assad bombs his own people
Saudi Arabia Won’t Rest Until Assad Departs

Many pundits, analysts, and would-be experts have questioned the demise of Assad even months into the uprising. It’s understandable because their analysis was more based on what Obama will or won’t do rather than the courage, determination, and dexterity of the Syrian people they knew very little about.

Today, the same analysts sit in awe of how much Syrians are willing to sacrifice to remove one of the most barbaric regimes ever to exist in the Arab world and in my opinion a regime that tops the list of five of the most horrific ever to rule in our modern times.

Very few people have seen more than one or two of the horrific YouTube videos showing the savageries of the Assad regime. Yet, even with this limited sampler, it’s universally accepted today of how barbaric the regime is. All one has to watch is just one video before realizing how sick and deformed this family is.

While Syrians fight simultaneously for survival and freedom, they are mastering new military skills on a large scale. A scale that permits them to puncture Hezbollah’s heart next as pay-back for Hezbollah’s active participation in killing Syrians. According to the CIA’s fact book, the median age of a Syrian is 21.7 years old, which says a lot about how and when Syria’s liberation will end.

After Assad, comes Hezbollah.

Syrians won’t rest before this terrorist organization is eradicated and its followers are free to integrate themselves into a potent political process built on democratic values rather than the violent and terror values Hezbollah has been able to muster in the name of defending legitimate religious or political aspirations. It’s time for resistance to turn on its makers.


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