A Fascist Congressman Named Jeff Fortenberry

A Fascist Congressman Named Jeff Fortenberry

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We don’t have the habit to go after Republican Congressmen because we happen to use our Constitutional rights to vote for many of them. We believe in the conservative cause and in the America Ronald Reagan believed-in. However, when fascism begins to rear its ugly head – whether encouraged by Trumpism or not – we cannot remain silent. There is a GOP fascist Congressman named Jeff Fortenberry we would like you to meet.

Nebraskan Jeff Fortenberry is sponsoring a new resolution condemning ISIS for targeting the minorities of Syria. Fair enough. We are all on-board because we believe the minorities of the Middle East are a treasure. Anything that harms Christians and Yazidis, harms all of us. All Syrians have a duty to protect the Christians of Syria from harm’s way.

However, the resolution only addresses ISIS, not the Assad regime or Assad himself responsible for killing half a million Syrians. When Josh Rogin asked the Congressman why not Assad, Rogin wrote:

Fortenberry told me in an interview that he believes that Assad’s atrocities, while horrendous, do not meet the legal definition of genocide because they do not target the systematic elimination of a religious or ethnic group.

Really Congressman? You think Assad killing only Sunni women and children, Sunni moderate rebels, starving only Sunnis to death, and ethnically cleansing Syria of some 12 million Sunnis are NOT a “systematic elimination of a religious or ethnic group”? We do have a fascist Congressman named Jeff Fortenberry.

Fascism is when someone turns logic on its head to excuse his own incompetence and ignorance. If killing half a million Sunnis, and displacing another 12 million, which incidentally included gassing Sunni civilians and starving them to death, does not meet the criteria to call Assad a genocidal maniac, then we suggest Mr. Fortenberry to resign his seat in Congress. He is as unfit to be a legislator as Barack Obama is to be our president. 

Josh Rogin finishes his article with the following paragraph:

Congress is likely to pass the Fortenberry genocide resolution, because it has become a rallying cry for groups that advocate for Christians abroad. But Congress also has a responsibility to advocate for Syria’s largest group of victims, Sunni Muslims, and to be clear about who is perpetrating the greatest atrocities against them. That would be the Assad regime, not the Islamic State.

We salute Mr. Rogin for his logical approach. Fortenberry ought to hire Rogin as an adviser because he certainly needs to surround himself with smarter people than his current crop of aides.

It is truly unbelievable that such ignorance, as the one displayed by Fortenberry, is so prevalent in Congress in the 21st century. Maybe Mr. Fortenberry ought to take a trip to Jordan or Turkey to see first-hand the refugee camps, the architectural marvel of the psychopath Baschar al-Assad, with millions of impoverished Sunni Syrians living in such miserable conditions and unable to go back to their homes for fear Assad might drop explosive barrel bombs on their heads full of nails and large pellets.

Maybe Mr. Fortenberry ought to surround himself with more competent aides who have been outside Nebraska or Washington D.C,

A Fascist Congressman Named Jeff Fortenberry


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