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The United States must respond to today's interview of Assad by Russian media outlets in which he called for "resistance" to US troops protecting US i [...]
The Syrian opposition demanded justice and peace on Wednesday at the opening of a U.N.-backed panel meant to usher in reconciliation after almost 9 ye [...]
The United States will strengthen its military presence in Syria with “mechanized forces” to prevent Islamic State fighters seizing oil fields and rev [...]
As Ankara and Moscow agree on a deal to evacuate the Kurds and jointly patrol northeast Syria, Congress should look for Trump Quid Pro Quo with Russia [...]
Honestly, would you not say that the destruction of Syria is the result of two successive presidential foreign policy strategic idiocies? From Obama S [...]
From Syria, where the U.S. pulled back in the face of a Turkish offensive, to Ukraine, where the newly elected president saw his image dented by a U.S [...]
1 2 3 73 6 / 438 POSTS
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