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Tehran John is none other than John Kerry. It is hard to miss his love for the Iranian regime. So much so that Tehran John invited the Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to his daughter's wedding who is marrying an Iranian with some ties to Tehran. In fact, Zarif was his best man. Is Tehran John conspiring with our enemies the way he sided with the Vietnamese during the Vietnam War? The Iranian enemy that killed hundreds of our troops in Iraq. The John Kerry we see reminds us of Hanoi Jane. The actress who took sides with North Vietnam against our troops in Vietnam, and who, later, when she matured, regretted that childish move. Tehran John is already mature. The man was born in 1943. Too late to repent his sins if he ever wakes up from his treasonous slumber. Not only he is close to Tehran, but he is as close to the Assad regime. The Los Angeles Times wrote an article about a dinner he had with Assad in Damascus that betrayed his position. All the while calling for bombing the Assad regime he knew ahead of time Barack Obama will not undertake. Tehran John sleeps with our enemy, and he is a hypocrite of a grand order too. Don't you love these politicians who stand on the opposite sides of an issue. One is secretive, and one is public.

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