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There are moments in civilizational history one cannot ignore. Doing so comes back to haunt humanity. Such moment happened at the United Nations yeste [...]
UPDATE--With 2020 elections coming up fast, it behooves American Jews to contemplate the state of affairs of our Union in light of a misguided public [...]
Fuel shortages cripple Damascus is what Asharq al-Awsat, a Saudi newspaper beholden to the MbS regime, wrote to describe the effectiveness of U.S. san [...]
Look at yourself in the mirror, and ask yourself this question: Has Donald Trump been good for America? Has his divisive rhetoric and personality help [...]
The Russian Government, under Vladimir Putin, exploited the social media platforms in 2016 to divide and tear this country apart using social issues s [...]
Seven children, all members of a Syrian refugee family, died early Tuesday in a fast-moving house fire described as Nova Scotia’s deadliest blaze in r [...]
1 2 3 4 5 57 18 / 339 POSTS
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