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What many may not know about the deceased General Qassem Soleimani is the dreadful impact he had on the civil war in Syria when, on orders from Ayatol [...]
A U.S. Senate committee backed legislation on Wednesday to impose sanctions on Turkey. It happened because of its offensive in Syria and purchase of a [...]
In the Arab world, it is a known fact that the Arab League is but a very selective, very private club whose members include the ruling families of the [...]
The first person in the long life of President Donald Trump to deliver a real dose of reality to a man who never concerned himself with laws or decoru [...]
In the aftermath of Iranian attack on Saudi oil facilities, the United States faces two quagmires. The first one deals with the spectacular failure [...]
The Assad regime, like its counterpart in Iran, has acquired this nasty habit of kidnapping westerners for no reason other than to blackmail and extor [...]
1 2 3 57 6 / 341 POSTS
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