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For those who wonder what our Syrian policy is trying to achieve should read Ambassador Jim Jeffries State Department briefing of March 25, 2019. In i [...]
Tuesday of this week, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said the Assad regime is rebuilding a more formidable army from rebel groups that sur [...]
A report this morning in The New York Times, written by Neil MacFarquhar, describes the corner Russian President Vladimir Putin has painted himself in [...]
Dictator and butcher Baschar al-Assad's proposal to form a unity government including independent and opposition figures will not solve Syria's confli [...]
Psychopath Baschar al-Assad said it would not be difficult to agree on a new Syrian government including opposition figures, but his opponents respond [...]
In one of those little hidden news items tucked away in an Indian online media outlet comes this surprise of all surprises. To clarify its position wi [...]
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