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The United States warned businesses against participating in an annual trade fair in the Syrian capital opening Wednesday, saying participants would e [...]
For those who are clueless about Assad vindictive, petty mind, watch Assad's next move after he runs over Idlib. After Idlib Assad attention will swin [...]
Syrian authorities have released a U.S. citizen and he has been handed back to his family, thanks to the mediation of Lebanon, a Lebanese security off [...]
In a move to dial-up pressure on the Assad regime, which continues to stockpile chemical weapons, President Trump extends sanctions against Assad and [...]
Lebanon's civil war lasted 17 years. It ended in 1993 when, a year later, the Lebanese people witnessed the bulldozers in downtown Beirut clear the ru [...]
In the beginning of the war, Assad supporters, encouraged by his brutal security services, chanted "Assad or We Will Destroy the Country". In Arabic, [...]
1 2 3 4 6 / 19 POSTS
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