05 May 2007

Why I Admire Israel

Washington DC, May 5, 2007/Reform Syria Blog – Farid Ghadry/ — As a Syrian and a Muslim, I have always had this affinity for the State of Israel. As a businessman and an advocate of the free economic system of governance, Israel to me represents an astounding economic success in

19 Feb 2007

Syria’s Terror Networks

The Syrian regime is just as complicit as Iran in moving forward hostile activities specifically designed to kill Americans. The evidence is there and widely acknowledged by those in the know, but U.S. political and military leadership have proved hesitant to publicly pursue a tandem case against both Iran and

14 Nov 2006

What Should be Done with Iran?

BECK: Look your scriptures up for the context of that one. If you want to fully understand what we are up against and what the stakes are, please, you must tune in tomorrow night and tell all of your friends to do the same. You`re not going to see this

11 Nov 2006

Israelis deserve better

Instead of believing Assad’s lies, Israel should seek peace with moderate Syrians While Iran looks like the most dangerous of the two countries because of its pursuit of nuclear weapons coupled with its direct call for the destruction of Israel, Assad is no less dangerous because behind this veneer of

24 Aug 2006

Washington Needs To Take Iran`s President At His Word, He Promises `A World Without the United States and Zionism`

BECK: Hear me clearly: This has never just been about Iraq and WMDs. It has always been about changing the face of the Middle East. But the president has done such a horrible job of communicating that idea, and instead he focused everybody on weapons of mass destruction, that now

23 Aug 2006

What Will Change Iran Situation?

GLENN BECK, HOST: Plus the one and only Nancy Grace with the latest twist on the JonBenet case. You are not going to believe what that dude`s lawyer had to say. All that and more, next. ANNOUNCER: Tonight`s episode of GLENN BECK is brought to you by “My Three Toms,”