30 Oct 2008

Assad and Street Demonstrations

It is not unusual in Syria to see large demonstrations against the United States or whomever is the enemy of the day is. We have grown accustomed to these because we understand their motives and how they happen. Demonstrations start with a very simple premise: Build fear, build hate. In

24 Sep 2007

Stop coddling Assad

Instead of reassuring Syrian president, Israel should prepare for his collapse Only two weeks after Israel reportedly carried out what looks like a daring raid on some Syrian nuclear site deemed too dangerous for Israel not to react, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert offered an olive branch to Syrian President Bashar

04 Aug 2007

Why I Admire Israel – Part 4

Washington DC, August 4, 2007/Reform Syria Blog – Farid Ghadry/ — Our trip to Israel was fascinating. The people. The country. The common sense prevailing in a nation that has never known peace mostly because of Arab rulers’ refusal to recognize it, the majority of which are themselves recognized by

17 Jun 2007

Why I Admire Israel – Part 3

Washington DC, June 17, 2007/Reform Syria Blog – Farid Ghadry/ — By now many who follow the Syrian-Israeli information highway know that we have just visited the Israeli Knesset to address the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee this past June 11, the same Committee that received Assad’s envoy on April

14 May 2007

Why I Admire Israel – Part 2

Washington DC, May 14, 2007/Reform Syria Blog – Farid Ghadry/ — My last Blog about my admiration for the country of Israel got me some hate mail, a clear threat for liquidation, an interview in Maariv, a correction provided by a fellow reader, and telephone calls from RPS members and

05 May 2007

Why I Admire Israel

Washington DC, May 5, 2007/Reform Syria Blog – Farid Ghadry/ — As a Syrian and a Muslim, I have always had this affinity for the State of Israel. As a businessman and an advocate of the free economic system of governance, Israel to me represents an astounding economic success in