02 Sep 2009

Regime Change and Not Arms Race

Washington DC – September 2, 2009 – (Farid Ghadry Blog) — In a report published by the Jerusalem Post on August 23, 2009, the Middle East will surpass, for the first time, the $100 billion mark in arms purchases in the next five years with Saudi Arabia and Israel leading

25 Aug 2009

The Assad Ferris Wheel Ride

August 25, 2009 (Farid Ghadry Opinion – The Media Line) — The risks of failed negotiations with Assad will embolden Iran further. Calculating those risks cannot be left to the pro-Assad advisors in the US whose agenda may not be in the best interests of Israel and definitely not in

10 Aug 2009

Muslim Populations in Europe: The Sharia Invasion

“The long distance, already successfully underway, is to apply existing western laws to implement Sharia in their societies. Between Sharia and radical violence is a distance so short, it is impossible for the west to avert or mitigate the risks of Islamic terror.” Washington DC – August 10, 2009 (Farid

20 Jul 2009

US Rapprochement with Syria: The Fake, The Missed, and the Real – Part Two

Syria has Become the World’s Dumpster and its Leadership is the World Garbage Disposal. A Free Damascus is the Key to Reversing the Tide of Islamic Terror. Saudi Arabia Does not Want Damascus Tolerant History to Rise above its Wahabbism. Thus its Support of Assad. Sufism, and not the Muslim

17 Jun 2009

Signs of Nervous Behavior in Damascus

For the first time, we see signs that Assad is scared that the uprising in Iran may spill over to Syria. Washington – June 17, 2009 (Farid Ghadry) – Assad just decided to free Walid al-Bunni, a physician, who was imprisoned illegally in 2007 for merely talking to a prison

09 Mar 2009

From Hama to Hamas: Syria’s Islamist Policies

Understanding the logic of Syria’s policies can be a daunting task. Syria, under the Assad regime, has fostered a strategy that includes persecution of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (SMB) at home while providing moral support, weaponry, and other tangible assets to the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood abroad