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If one discounts the Assad regime and the Islamic State, Hezbollah is, by a mile, the most horrible organization to have ever existed in the Arab worl [...]
Dictatorial regimes, like Iran, are not suicidal. Far from it. In fact, the Ayatollahs know that if the United States is provoked into a war, it will [...]
The United States is on the right track when it comes to its policy towards Iran. We are showing resolve, but practicing restraint where and when it m [...]
In a Reuters exclusive showing Turkey flexing muscles in Syria, the agency said that the majority Muslim Sunni country has stepped up arms supplies to [...]
Syrian government helicopters dropped barrel bombs on opposition areas in Deraa on Friday for the first time in a year in defiance of U.S. demands tha [...]
Israel said it attacked nearly all of Iran’s military infrastructure in Syria on Thursday after Iranian forces fired rockets at the Golan Heights for [...]
1 2 3 25 6 / 148 POSTS
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