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Is it not a fact that in the last four years, ever since Russian troops invaded Syria to help its illegitimate ruler Assad, we have witnessed America [...]
Syria’s state news agency says government forces have entered the northern town of Tabqa, as they move north against Turkish forces in the country. Fo [...]
A report surfaced indicating that Russia tested the S 500 air defense system in Syria. The S 500 represents its newest system Russia dubbed as Promete [...]
Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem on Saturday demanded an immediate withdrawal of all U.S. and Turkish troops from his country and warned that [...]
The Associated Press is an association whose members are U.S. newspapers and broadcasters. Its coverage of news in the U.S. is superb; but, occasional [...]
On Thursday, The United States imposed sanctions on a firm it said was participating in a scheme to avoid U.S. sanctions while helping provide jet fue [...]
1 2 3 64 6 / 382 POSTS
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