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In Syria’s civil war, the Assad regime raped girls as young as nine and ISIS forced them into sexual slavery. The regime tortured boys and ISIS forced [...]
Vladimir Putin met Bashar al-Assad in Damascus on Tuesday, the Russian leader’s second trip to Syria since Moscow intervened decisively on the Syrian [...]
It may have just dawned on Assad that even though he remains on the supermarket shelf, his expiration date is way past its rotten stage. Why do we thi [...]
Russian military police began patrols on part of the Syrian border Wednesday, quickly moving to implement an accord with Turkey that divvies up contro [...]
The face of modern Russia, emerging under Vladimir Putin, is a pitiful sight. It certainly provides a glimpse of its future. If Putin is not killing c [...]
After meeting with Vladimir Putin, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was in high spirits. In fact, he said he was "very excited" about the prospects. Why [...]
1 2 3 14 6 / 83 POSTS
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