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To describe the terrorist Vladimir Putin is not easy. Because of the state wealth he pilfered from the Russian people, and because of a United Nations veto power, Putin has given himself Carte Blanche to kill, assassinate, and terrorize anyone, in any country, at any time. Putin barbarism knows no bound. The veto power he manipulates to extend his terror across many countries is a weapon he uses to spite the international community and to diminish the west ability to contain his terror. That power was granted during the Stalin era and Roosevelt should have known better not to permit such violence the capacity to harm humanity. Putin barbarism was detected early on when he secretly bombed civilian buildings in Moscow to attack Chechnya. Those who perished were innocent Russians who never knew what Vladimir Putin did to them and their families. Putin barbarism is evident today in Syria where his fighter jets bomb civilian buildings killing indiscriminately women and children.

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The United States strongly condemns air strikes by the Syrian government forces backed by Russia targeting hospitals and civilian infrastructure in no [...]
The New York Times conducted a comprehensive investigation and analysis that provided evidence of Russian terror against Syrian civilian hospitals. It [...]
Russia cast its 13th veto on Thursday of U.N. Security Council action on the Syrian conflict, blocking a demand for a truce in northwest Syria because [...]
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Video footage of a Russian police officer punching a young woman in the stomach has stirred anger among many Russians who believe the authorities have [...]
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