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Who would have thought that both Syria and Israel could find themselves on the same sideline rooting for the Kurds of Syria? Join the party if you thi [...]
The United States strongly condemns air strikes by the Syrian government forces backed by Russia targeting hospitals and civilian infrastructure in no [...]
Have you ever wondered why a particular Arab dictator enjoys U.S. support while others fail to harness American power as wind behind their back? Besid [...]
The New York Times conducted a comprehensive investigation and analysis that provided evidence of Russian terror against Syrian civilian hospitals. It [...]
Russian military police began patrols on part of the Syrian border Wednesday, quickly moving to implement an accord with Turkey that divvies up contro [...]
As Ankara and Moscow agree on a deal to evacuate the Kurds and jointly patrol northeast Syria, Congress should look for Trump Quid Pro Quo with Russia [...]
1 2 3 78 6 / 464 POSTS
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