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Let's play this scenario out for effect and balance to describe the Iranian agent of death in the Levant. Just imagine, for a moment, the National [...]
If one discounts the Assad regime and the Islamic State, Hezbollah is, by a mile, the most horrible organization to have ever existed in the Arab worl [...]
When Donald Trump abandoned the Kurds of Syria by giving Turkey the green light to create a safe zone in areas occupied by the Kurdish fighters, we ca [...]
On Thursday, the US warned Turkey it faced consequences at the United Nations if its assault against Kurdish militias in northeast Syria did not prote [...]
President Donald has expressed, on several occasions, his deep convictions to exit all Muslim theaters of war. Be it in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Syria. B [...]
Turkish troops and their Syrian rebel allies attacked Kurdish militia in northeast Syria on Wednesday, pounding them with air strikes and artillery be [...]
1 2 3 90 6 / 537 POSTS
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