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With the news that Saudi Arabia has sentenced five to death for killing Jamal Khashoggi without mentioning their names or positions, Falafel set out t [...]
Falafel has been trying to book an interview with the grand Sayyed of all Lebanon and its master par excellence Hassan Nasrallah for as long as he rem [...]
Falafel heard a persistent rumor that Assad is forming the Syrian Brain Power Ministry for Higher Education and Scientific Research. The title alone g [...]
With all the troubles going on in Iraq, Falafel decided to get involved by using his superior journalistic skills to find out about who the protesters [...]
Given the use of violence against peaceful protesters in Iraq, Falafel decided it was time to understand who is behind the death and violence in Iraq. [...]
First it was a rumor that everyone simply tossed aside. But when Falafel spoke to a good friend in the GOP establishment, suddenly he realized how ser [...]
1 2 3 18 6 / 105 POSTS
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