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Given the use of violence against peaceful protesters in Iraq, Falafel decided it was time to understand who is behind the death and violence in Iraq. [...]
First it was a rumor that everyone simply tossed aside. But when Falafel spoke to a good friend in the GOP establishment, suddenly he realized how ser [...]
Armed with impeachment powers, the U.S. Congress releases Trump MbS phone conversation after forcing, through its impeachment powers, to have the Trum [...]
Call Falafel crazy but when he received an urgent call from President Trump to haul his ass into the Oval Office, he could not but wonder something is [...]
What a western leader to do about Syria's violence when their hands are tied by domestic policies? They can't interfere in foreign wars; nor can they [...]
Falafel knew that behind the new Assad Award for Best Book Cover lay a sinister plan. Yes, you guessed it. It is to avoid reading books by simply star [...]
1 2 3 17 6 / 101 POSTS
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