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When Donald Trump abandoned the Kurds of Syria by giving Turkey the green light to create a safe zone in areas occupied by the Kurdish fighters, we ca [...]
Turkey pounded Kurdish militia in northeast Syria for a second day on Thursday, forcing tens of thousands of people to flee and killing dozens, in a c [...]
It just so happens that Falafel was visiting the White House to interview the President. Just as they started, the President received a call from Benj [...]
Air strikes hit positions of pro-Iranian forces and allied militias in eastern Syria overnight, killing 18 fighters, a war monitor said Monday. By bom [...]
There is no doubt that President Donald Trump is an avid supporter of Israel. Not out of a thoughtful stratagem, rather, out of a quick-draw, shoot fi [...]
The Treasury Department on Thursday sanctioned Jammal Trust Bank (JTB). It is a financial institution based in Lebanon that facilitates banking activi [...]
1 2 3 7 6 / 42 POSTS
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