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The same way the United Nations has documented the terror of the Assad regime, it has also documented the majority of incidents involving ISIS terror. Many of these acts of terror we witnessed in the form of savage beheadings. In addition, ISIS forced many religious minorities like the Christians of Iraq and the Yazidis of Syria to convert to Islam or die. Furthermore, ISIS religious practices re-defined women's rights. It enslaved them for the purpose of bearing children. Under its short-lived rule in Syria and Iraq in the regions the organization occupied, ISIS forced everyone to live under a religious and cruel authoritarian dictatorship. The ISIS terror curtailed freedom across the whole region. Moreover, it contaminated education to remain in control. Finally, it imposed Sharia as a tool of oppression, especially against women. Much has been written about the ISIS terror in Syria.  Historians who will examine that period will find a treasure trove of information and eyewitness accounts. Many shot on videos with irrefutable evidence.

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