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Russia called on Thursday for a U.N. weapons embargo on Iran to be lifted as soon as possible, saying it would help Tehran contribute to the fight aga [...]
Are we not falling in the Obama trap when 95% of the ink is spilled to highlight the ISIS terrorists with some 11,000 fighters (Others put the estimat [...]
To avoid appearances Iran controls Syria, Syria's parliament on Tuesday approved a deal with Iran under which Tehran will provide the government a new [...]
Source: PJ Media - by Michael Ledeen (The No Deal Deal) I don’t want to be the sole bearer of bad news for Ben Rhodes and his fellow gurus, but her [...]
TFS Note: Iran is accelerating its destabilizing policies in the region by targeting Jordan this time as Jordan foils Iranian-backed terror plot. Bara [...]
Cut off from Yemen and its allies there by a Saudi-led military campaign, Iran has intensified a media counter-offensive against Riyadh, accusing its [...]
1 69 70 71 72 73 79 426 / 472 POSTS
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