Last Straw to Save Assad is Gaza
21 Nov 2012

Last Straw to Save Assad is Gaza

Hail the stupid men of the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza. Even though they have not realized they have been duped by Iran to fight their nemesis Israel, they don’t seem to understand they have lost the moment they fired the first Fajr-5 missile. They forgot what happened to Hezbollah in

Hezbollah: A "Jihad duty" to Kill Syrians
03 Oct 2012

Hezbollah: A “Jihad duty” to Kill Syrians

Hezbollah’s al-Intiqad newspaper confirmed that one of its commanders named Ali Hussein Nassif was killed in Syria “While performing his Jihadi duties”. For Hezbollah, it is a Jihadi duty to kill Syrians. According to a story in the Guardian, a Lebanese security official stated that Nassif has been fighting alongside the Syrian