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A monitoring group says that about 39000 people killed in Syria in 2017, including 10,507 civilians. Thank you Barack Obama for doing your best to sto [...]
As Vladimir Putin bombs Syrian civilians, to include helpless women and children in Eastern Ghouta, one Syrian infant, named Karim Abdul Rahman, who l [...]
The more Iran expands today, the less likely we will be able to dislodge them in the future. It is time for some deadly Kurdish missiles chemotherapy. [...]
As goes the security of Israel, so goes the security of neighboring countries if they are at the forefront of terror against the Jewish State. Therefo [...]
We all know the saying that two chefs in the kitchen is one too many. In the case of Syria, the country is down to four chefs in its kitchen and two, [...]
Source: Bloomberg Politics - by Margaret Talev and Ben Holland (US Disputes Putin's Claim That Syrian War Is Winding Down) Full-scale w [...]
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