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In the aftermath of an Iranian drone Israel infiltration that took place after Israel attacked Iranian weapon factories in Syria a day earlier, Falafe [...]
The US is long overdue to strike Russian occupation forces in Syria. While Barack Obama, the wimp, opened the door wide open for Vladimir Putin to ent [...]
There is this wishful thinking inside the Assad circles that claim his regime of terror has won the Syrian civilian war. These people believe that, [...]
A monitoring group says that about 39000 people killed in Syria in 2017, including 10,507 civilians. Thank you Barack Obama for doing your best to sto [...]
As Vladimir Putin bombs Syrian civilians, to include helpless women and children in Eastern Ghouta, one Syrian infant, named Karim Abdul Rahman, who l [...]
The more Iran expands today, the less likely we will be able to dislodge them in the future. It is time for some deadly Kurdish missiles chemotherapy. [...]
1 13 14 15 16 17 19 90 / 110 POSTS
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