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Protesters barricaded main roads across Lebanon on Wednesday after President Michel Aoun enraged demonstrators by urging them to end their revolt agai [...]
Let's play this scenario out for effect and balance to describe the Iranian agent of death in the Levant. Just imagine, for a moment, the National [...]
Protesters blocked roads in Beirut and other parts of Lebanon on Monday, pressing a wave of demonstrations against the ruling elite that have plunged [...]
If one discounts the Assad regime and the Islamic State, Hezbollah is, by a mile, the most horrible organization to have ever existed in the Arab worl [...]
As governments in Iraq and Lebanon stagger and stumble under huge waves of popular protest, powerful factions loyal to Iran are pushing to quash polit [...]
The unrest in both Iraq and Lebanon demonstrate that Iranian militant proxies fail to govern the people of both. The model withers in peaceful times a [...]
1 2 3 4 6 / 24 POSTS
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