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Most of the news on Syria beget confusion and recoiling of the spirit for their brutality; the same holds true for any news about the supreme barbarit [...]
Can you imagine the hardship Israel would be facing from the international community had any Israeli PM struck peace with Assad during the past 10 yea [...]
Israeli warplanes carried out a precision strike targeting the outskirts of Damascus. It is believed the target was a secret convoy carrying sophistic [...]
Once in a while, we speak with Syrians who have access like no one else we know. One incident prompted us to wonder if Assad uttered a statement such [...]
Who Emptied My Holster? The 250 or so men who perpetrated crimes against Syrians must be brought to justice under the law. Syrians must extend a magn [...]
For those who follow Syria closely, the contrast between the rule of Hafez al-Assad for 30 years and his son Baschar for the last 11 years is worthy o [...]
1 6 7 848 / 48 POSTS
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