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How did Syria fare under its previous dictator Hafez al-Assad in terms of land grab as opposed to his successor son Baschar? When the math is in, one [...]
After an eight-year plus of a vicious war in Syria pegging one family's hold unto power against the will of the majority of Syrians, one can detect a [...]
Here, at TFS, we grind axes. Sometimes often. But always against men of violence or whose unsavory characters leave a bad taste in your mouth. But eve [...]
Unlike his father Hafez al-Assad who managed to keep the peace in Syria, this Assad life will be spent fighting endless wars. Just observe the number [...]
In recent days, according to rebel commanders, Putin deployed special forces to help struggling Assad to make gains in a two-months assault in northwe [...]
Washington sends its critics in waves. Both in numbers and in purpose. The one simple question critics ask about, from any administration, remains "Wh [...]
1 2 3 8 6 / 47 POSTS
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