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Much has been written about the Assad terror the illegitimate holder of power in Damascus perpetrates. On a daily basis against his own civilians. be it women or children. Be it old men or students. Many of the 4,000 plus articles we published expose the terror of Assad. Sometimes using our won sources, but often also using western-based sources. Like the Associated Press or Reuters. Often we accompany our articles with gory pictures to showcase what the Syrian people are subject to on a daily basis. For that, we apologize to our readers if we shocked them. But as they say: A picture is worth a thousand words. Our content, on that basis, is often worth much more. We also highlight the Assad terror with YouTube videos whenever possible. Come to think of it, the war in Syria is the most photographed and the most documented war in human history. Why? Because it started in 2011 when everyone had a smart phone capable of documenting with pictures and videos. Every Syrian became a journalist overnight. Lately, however, YouTube has been removing some of the violent videos from its platform with regard to Syria. Specially those perpetrated by Assad. Whenever we can, we host our own videos. It is important for the world to know under what conditions the Syrian people live as long as Assad remains terrorizing them. There is nothing you can think of that Assad has not done to our people. To include gassing women and children and his army raping women en masse.  


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Everyday starts with watching new videos, new images, and reading new stories of horror. Everyday starts with calling family members, friends, and Syr [...]
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