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One of the ways the Assad regime maintains its iron grip on power is through a corrupt court system. Courts in Syria who handle dissidents activities use Assad prisons to strike fear in the heart of the population. Cells come in all shapes and sizes. The most common are those that measure 30' by 10' and house 60 to 80 inmates at a time. Prisoners are not allowed to shower. Stale bread and cheese is the only food they eat. Their bathroom are two holes in the ground behind an open wall that reeks with diseases. Each prison has multiple torture chambers and dungeons. Screams emitted by those tortured are a constant reminder, day and night, of the Assad prison system. It is under these conditions that U.S. ex-president Jimmy Carter wants all Syrians to live when he praises Assad and his regime of terror. Go figure his compassion and love for peace. No human being deserves to live under constant fear and constant threat of torture and death.

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