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A Syrian Revolution some dubbed as a civil war in Syria, raging since 2011, has caused the country to collapse politically, socially, and economically. Syria, thanks to the Assad regime of terror, is but a money black hole with hopelessness as her compass. For the country to rise again shaped differently from its sinister past, Assad must go. The Assad family, in control of Syria for close to 50 years, has spread chaos, death, and destruction over a large footprint that covers the whole Middle East region. In our opinion, and those of many western countries, we must denounce the dictator in Damascus still in power. You can find the Assad tentacles of terror sweep through the U.S. Marines barracks in Lebanon in 1983. You will find him also aid and abet al-Qaeda terrorists to attack our troops in Iraq using Iranian-manufactured IED’S. Furthermore, you can also see his support for extremist Palestinian organizations, like the PFLP, spread terror inside Israel, and Arab countries like Lebanon and Jordan. The Assad regime imprisons and tortures its people. Over the last seven years, the butcher of Damascus has ordered over 200 chemical attacks against Syrian civilians. No other dictator, sane or insane, has ordered that many gas attacks. For all of these reasons, this war criminal we call Chemical Assad must be tried for crimes against humanity. The world must bring him to justice for fear that others may follow in his footsteps. Until then, sanctioning and boycotting his regime is the only sensible solution we must exercise to keep a lid on his capacity to terrorize even more.


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