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The Assad Agents operating in the U.S. and Europe infiltrate and report on all dissident activities. Furthermore, they sow divisiveness and spy on western governments if necessary. Many of these agents hold western passports. They are able to hide their loyalties and activities, and sometimes they are open about their loyalties using freedom of speech to propagandize Assad and to create disinformation campaigns. Some of them, like Yehya Kirdi, works for a United Arab Emirati Sheikh to spy on the inner circle of the leadership in UAE. In Kirdi's case, he works for a Sharjah Sheikh. We know for a fact that he reports on all his activities once he lands in Canada where he has obtained a citizenship. He has swindled the welfare system of the Canadian Government by claiming poverty.

  • Dennis Kucinich
  • Tulsi Gabbard
  • Asya Abdallah
  • Samit al-Aita
  • Aksam Barakat
  • Jamal Daniel
  • Nabil Fayyad
  • Majid Habbo
  • Abbas Habib
  • Louay Hussein
  • Khaled Issa
  • Qadri Jamil
  • Fateh Jamous
  • Randa Kassis
  • Salim Kheirbek
  • Yehya Kirdi
  • Joshua Landis
  • Mazen Maghribia
  • Haytham Manaa
  • Mizkin Mikari
  • Nabil Milhem
  • Saleh Muslim
  • Nizar Nayouf
  • Nemrod Suleiman
  • Rim Turkmani

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