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A monitoring group says that about 39000 people were killed in Syria in 2017, including 10,507 civilians. Thank you Weak Barack Obama for doing your best to stop the carnage caused by Assad, Khamenei, and Putin. Remember Putin? The thug who invaded Ukraine and all you did to force him out was to dispatch the Ukrainians a shipment of MRE's (Meals Ready-to-Eat). The fatalities in Syria included 2,109 children and 1,492 women. The fatalities in Ukraine includes 2821 civilians Putin murdered with impunity while our Weak Barack Obama was president. 2016 saw the battle for Aleppo unfold in which the Syrian Government forces, backed by Russian mercenaries in addition to Hezbollah and IRGC terrorists, won after devastating destruction, and the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime on innocent women and children in Khan al-Assal. Through all of this, weak Barack Obama took sides with Iran. Empowered Iran. Paid Iran tens of $billions. Left Assad to massacre at will. Never even raised a finger to stop the mass murders in Syria or Ukraine. This is why we call him Weak Barack Obama.

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Honestly, would you not say that the destruction of Syria is the result of two successive presidential foreign policy strategic idiocies? From Obama S [...]
Is it not a fact that in the last four years, ever since Russian troops invaded Syria to help its illegitimate ruler Assad, we have witnessed America [...]
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The world, apparently, has given up on Syria. We have yielded it to the terror of Putin and Assad against civilians. Worse yet, we are corralling the [...]
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