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President Barack Obama has had a very negative effect on Syria. During his tenure, between 2008 and 2016, Obama witnessed some of the most abhorrent atrocities a country perpetrates against its own people. Yet, the President did not lift a finger to assist the Syrian people in any meaningful shape or form. Not only did Obama refuse to help the Syrian people defend themselves from Assad, Khamenei, and Putin, he was instrumental in empowering the Iranian and the Russians to occupy the Middle East in the hope it would prevent the United States from ever going to war again in that region. Obama also harbored enmity towards the country of Israel. By agreeing to a flawed Iran Deal, he unleashed the Iranians unto the whole Middle East. He was hoping, we believe, that Iran can now threaten and even attack Israel. Time after time, Obama had every opportunity to help the Syrian people defend themselves, and in every instance he failed them. The President refused to arm properly the liberal and western-inclined Free Syrian Army when it needed it the most. Just as he refused to arm the Ukrainians to defend against Putin of Russia. He also refused to punish Assad for gassing innocent women and children in Ghouta. The world remembers this episode as Obama's Red Line. A shame on his legacy that will forever haunt him. When it comes to the Middle East, or anywhere else for that matter, Obama was an absent U.S. President. Gone MIA and nowhere to be found. His delay in responding to crisis, or not responding at all, earned him the nickname "Wimpy Obama." Most Americans remember his years in office, with the exception of couple of good domestic policies, as the "do-nothing-president".

Barack Obama

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