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The Assad Genocide points to or attests to the war crimes committed by the psychopath Baschar al-Assad or the inner circle in his regime. Genocidal acts, as defined by international laws, include gassing, starving, raping, torturing, and killing en masse civilians who are not fighting in a war. Over the last seven years, the world has witnessed the Assad Genocide in full color. It started, in 2011, by positioning snipers on rooftops to shoot peaceful marchers. The next day, when the bereaved walked to cemeteries to bury their loved ones, Assad snipers shot them too. Only animals act like this. In environments they consider their jungle. When Assad snipers could not reverse the tide of the Syrian Revolution underway, he began attacking with civilians with full armor mechanized infantrymen. It was tanks canon fire against huddled civilians behind walls and corridors of their homes. Later Assad started dropping barrel bombs full of explosives on civilians. Followed by some 200 incidents of gassing women and children mostly in their sleep.

Assad Genocide

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In a statement by the Council of the European Union, the Eu announced that Europe renewed Assad sanctions until June 2020 in line with its Syria strat [...]
On Tuesday, with Russian warplanes participating, Assad barrel bombs Idlib by dropping dozens of deadly explosive bombs on southern Idlib and northern [...]
At one point, Instagram blocked access to Chemical Assad's account. Instagram gave no reason; but then reinstated the account of one of the most viole [...]
To develop an idea of the brutality of the Assad regime and its tentacles of terror across all the government intelligence and spy agencies, one needs [...]
Britain, France and the United States are warning the Assad regime against using chemical weapons on opponents of the government. Intelligence receive [...]
A Washington Post article by Liz Sly entitled "Assad loyalists are turning on Syria’s government as living standards deteriorate" details how Assad su [...]
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