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The Chemical Assad regime manufactures its own stockpiles of chemical weapons. It has also used these weapons some 212 times since the start of Syria's civil war. The naive Obama Administration attempted to disarm the Assad regime of his chemical weapons. However, the administration fell victim to his claims when it hid a large portion of its stockpiles from the prying eyes of the OPCW. John Kerry, who managed the effort, claimed that 100% of Syria's chemical weapons have been destroyed. He, eventually, had to eat his words when OPCW discovered that Chemical Assad weapons program remains a threat. Several aerial military runs targeted the research facility handling Assad's chemical weapons. Israel, the United States, Britain, and France all carried out missions to destroy the Assad CW program. Nonetheless, the regime managed to hide a good portion in warehouses in different parts of the country. As late as July 2018, OPCW claimed, in a report, that there are still gaps, inconsistencies and discrepancies in Syria’s declaration of its chemical weapons, and the number of issues needing a response has increased. In other words, it is getting worse now that Chemical Assad has declared victory with the help of Iran and Russia. Chemical Assad is back manufacturing and stockpiling in preparation for another CW attack on innocent civilians. Next time, it might be the civilians of another nation. Assad is a mad dog whose violent means have caused the death of hundreds of thousands of Syrians. Both countries have become part of the Syrian landscape as they share in the spoils of war by exerting more political, economical, and social influence.

Chemical Assad

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