The Star of Toronto published a story today by Hamida Ghafour (Thank you) about the plight of the Syrian refugee families selling their little girls as young as 12 to Arab men as old as 70.

Salute the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the world tells us is an ally, but that ally ignores how it takes advantage of the desperation of Syrian families who are forced to wed much older Saudi men to 12-year old girls.

Saudis are not interested in marrying girls over the age of 18 or widowed women with children who lost their husbands fighting the terror of Assad, which would fit more the goal of a humanitarian helping a Syrian woman have a normal life. Saudis are only interested in their own pleasures and twisted desires. They all think they are the Prophet living in the culture of the 7th century.

The Saudi Government extensive PR launders the facts Saudis on-the-verge-of-the-grave older men chase girls as young as 9-year old in Arab countries like Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, and now amongst Syrian desperate refugee families. Instead of fighting such sordid social derelictions and ills, al-Saud turn the other way.

The more desperate the Syrian families are the better the hunting grounds will be for these sick men. Is it a surprise then that out of $1.5B committed by the Gulf countries, in a largely ceremonial conference in January in Kuwait, only a small fraction has reached the UN?

An Arab ruler can build the tallest skyscraper or can purchase the most expensive real estate for himself in the West; he can call himself Guardian of so and so or he can claim to be the Protector of this or that. However, if he cannot muster the courage to denounce these sick practices, he does not qualify to earn the respect of the civilized world.

It is a duty to his kind and humankind he cannot ignore, nor shall we let him ignore.

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