Some cultures are predisposed to the notion of cutting losses and some, like my Arab culture, cannot come to grip with that reality; and there is no better proof than the Palestinians fighting for 65 years the State of Israel.

But it seems that this notion may also be ingrained in the Russian mindset.

Considering Russia is now funding Assad with liquidity and arming him using illicit means to get him the weapons he needs, it does not seem to be of concern to the Putin Government that it may be throwing good money after a bad cause. The same is true of Iran and to some extent the Iraqi Government of Nouri al-Maliki which lends a hand whenever it can.

This state of stupor is equivalent to the state of denial many people are familiar with as they face a tragedy. It’s not about loyalty as some may conclude, but simply about a state of mind of powerful people that really mirror those with much less capacity to affect change. Putin is human after all and he is making mistakes as any human does.

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