The fight for Syria’s future begins with the fight to select the opposition to Assad. Since many countries have non-mirroring interests as to what Syria should or should not become, they are all fighting today to assert their rights to be kingmakers.

Saudi Arabia selected the Syrian opposition by inviting those groups it deemed represent their interests. This meant it also disinvited other Syrian opposition members that it considered hostile to Saudi interests. This led to a dispute with the United Nations, which is attempting to invite as many Syrian opposition members as possible, including the fake internal opposition created by the Assad regime. Some of those opposition members are secret security agents and spies for the Assad regime posing as opposition.

Russia is suggesting its own list of Syrian opposition all, in reality, are the same Assad agents and spies posing as opposition. Why? So they could weigh-in in favor of Assad. The problem though, because of Assad’s psychotic episodes and schizophrenic disposition, the names Russia proposed, after they were made public, became all Assad targets. Assad would never let them off the hook when selected by Russia because he is a paranoiac mental case. He thinks they turned on him by striking a secret deal with the Kremlin the way Abdelaziz al-Khair tried. That fellow paid a steep price for his overtures to replace Assad.

Turkey is objecting to the participation of the Kurds Russia, the United States, and Stephan De Mistura, the UN envoy, is insisting should be represented. The problem is that Turkey considers the political organization Russia is inviting (Democratic Union Party or PYD) a terrorist organization the same way the US considers ISIS a terrorist organization. PYD has carried out acts of terror inside Turkey.

Assad is sitting back, meanwhile, watching in awe this piece of drama unfold. As long as the fight surrounds who is an opposant and who is not, Assad is safe. No one is talking about his heinous crimes against humanity or discussing his future.

The fight for Syria’s future begins with the fight to select the opposition to Assad, which seems is challenging men of power and countries alike. When Assad falls, the country who has advanced its own list of opposition members will see its choices ascend to power to protect their interests in a new Syria.

Do the people of Syria have a say in who should lead them? Apparently not. Foreign countries have taken that responsibility away from them, which leads us to ask a very useful question. Is this whole exercise of who should represent the Syrian people futile when Syrians have voiced no say into who should lead them? Because if they do not chose, we are heading towards an Assad-like regime by replacing one brutal dictator with another.

Fight for Syria’s Future Begins With the Opposition

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