Having been born in the city of Aleppo, at the doorsteps of where East meets West according to cartographers, I grew-up speaking an Arabic with a very distinct accent, which was lost later to the Lebanese dialect. The Aleppo accent is musical, stretchy, and has a gummy outpouring that makes people sound happy and content, even funny without trying to be one.

The Assad planes bombing Aleppo and his Cluster bombs dropping on civilian neighborhoods has turned the city into a cave full of tragic stories that when told in the Aleppo accent sound unreal. How could someone sounding so happy feel such pain? The contrast drains your heart from its humanity and electrocutes the patience cells you need to overcome your unnecessary emotions.

The evil persists in the 21st Russia we saw rise from the ashes of a Gulag mentality and its new name is Putin. In the apologetic Obama who attempted to square away US history, we see another face, colder and more detached than the one Obama asked the Muslim world to excuse. How could the President of the United States become a watchman so easily when all past Presidents were flag bearers?

America is so much kinder and Syrians deserve so much better.

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