We have a word of advice for Russian Czar Vladimir Putin in light of the unveiling of Russia’s new T-14 ARMATA tank during a military parade in Moscow. Send new T-14 ARMATA tank to Assad, please.

This is how Reuters began its story to describe the unveiling of the new tank:

MOSCOW (Reuters) – A new high tech battle tank hailed by Russia as a “masterpiece” appeared to break down on Red Square on Thursday during a rehearsal for the military parade at which it will make its long-awaited debut.

The tank’s driver raised a small red flag to show he had problems but managed to drive on about 30 minutes later after an attempt to tow it away was abandoned, a Reuters witness said.

It was an inauspicious start for the Armata T-14 which will roll across the square in front of President Vladimir Putin and foreign leaders as part of Saturday’s parade, marking the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two in Europe.

Send new T-14 ARMATA tank to Assad. He could use just about now a new tank that malfunctions as it jettisons from the factory floor.

At RPS, we are wondering how many heads are going to roll in the Russian military for this unfortunate hiccup.

The new tank boasts high-tech gear including automated loading, newly-developed armor and a remote-controlled gun turret operated by a three-man crew from a separate compartment at the front of the vehicle.

Despite the Armata’s technological advances, Moscow-based defense analyst Ruslan Pukhov said claims by the Russian media that the tank is more than a match for its long-serving American and German-built competitors could be overblown. Send new T-14 ARMATA tank to Assad, please.

At an estimated cost of 400 million rubles per tank ($8 million approximately), the Armata T-14’s price tag could set back production, Alexander Golts, defense columnist and deputy editor of online newspaper Yezhednevny Zhurnal, told Reuters. Russia’s economy is in crisis, hit by a fall in global oil prices and Western economic sanctions over the Ukraine crisis.

“At 400 million rubles it is more expensive than a normal fighter jet,” he said. “It looks as if this tank is made of gold.”

Reuters contributed to this article.

Send New T-14 ARMATA Tank to Assad


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